Hospital services for the stabilization and treatment of an emergency, including but not limited to:

  • Emergency services for inpatient and ambulatory patients; 
  • Anesthesia, blood transfusions, oxygen;
  • Hospital supplies such as casts, dressings, slings, etc.

Maximum limit amount per person, per effective period.

Limits available: US $10,000 to US $250,000

Services will only be provided until the emergency ends.

  Emergency medical services for preexisting conditions, limited to:

$500 maximum- plans of $10,000 to $25,000.
$1,000 maximum- plans of $50,000 or more.

2 Physician and specilist services for the care, treatment or surgery required due to an emergency. 100%
3 Prescription drugs required due to an emergency.


4 Diagnostic tests and procedures required due to an emergency. 100%
5 Dental emergency.   Up to US $500.
6 Recreational sports (non-dangerous, non-professional, non-competitive). 

Up to US $50,000 maximum (not exceeding the limit selected in Item I.1. above) 

7 Motor vehicles sports (non-dangerous, non-professional, non-competitive).

Up to US $50,000 maximum (not exceeding the limit selected in Item I.1. above) 

1 Transportation due to a medical emergency.   100%.
2 Repatriation due to a medical emergency.  100%.
3 Hotel stay for a prescribed convalescence resulting of an emergency. Up to $200 daily, maximum 10 days.
4 Transportation for one companion due to a hospitalization superior to 5 days resulting of an emergency. 100% - economy class. 
5 Hotel accommodation for companion.   Up to $200 daily, maximum 10 days.
6 Guaranteed return (different date than scheduled).

100% - difference in fare cost or imposed penalty.

7 Return of minors less than 15 years. 100% - difference in fare cost or imposed penalty.
8 Repatriation of mortal remains.  100%
9 Legal assistance. US $5,000
10 Bail bond. US $1,500
11 Towing services for rental car.   US $100

12 Trip cancellation or delay. US $300
13 Localization of baggage.  Assistance call. 
14 Baggage delay superior to 72 hours.  US $150
15 Baggage delay superior to 12 days or more. US $200
16 Definitive loss of baggage. US $20 per kilogram, up to $1,000 - based on the weight of the baggage.
17 Missed flight connection. US $150
18 Loss of passport. US $500 - consular proceedings.

Trip cancellation or interruption for:

  • Illness, accident or death of the certficate holder or an inmediate family.
  • Catastrofic loss at the certificate holder's permanent resdience.

US $1,000 per trip.

Compensation for the loss of pre-paid and non refundable expenses in relation with an inevitable trip cancellation/ interruption due to a covered cause.


Accidental death & dismemberment

  • Certificate holder and spouse only.

Up to $100,000 (not exceeding the limit shown on Item I.1. above).