About Us Redbridge Insurance Company a division of Redbridge

Redbridge Insurance Company, a division of Redbridge, offers assistance services for travel related emergencies and setbacks. Redbridge is one of the leading international insurance and service management companies in the world.


Redbridge Insurance Company’s state-of-the-art enterprise system manages unique benefit schemes worldwide, as well as delivers world class benefit plan services.  Our clients include many of the largest insurers in the world who rely on our infrastructure.  We have a cloud based IT backbone connected through a worldwide network of thin clients and Cisco IP telecommunications systems.


Through our worldwide 24-hour call centers and with the help of extensive multi-lingual resources, Redbridge Insurance Company provides medical and VIP assistance to individuals and groups traveling outside their home country. We handle all inquiries, including medical referrals, notifications of hospital admissions, and general customer service inquiries from cardholders and/or providers.


Redbridge Insurance Company’s claim system, based on the latest and most powerful Oracle databases, is one of the most powerful claim systems available. Our user-friendly interface and EDI processes allow claims to be processed quickly, accurately, and easily, in real-time. The Redbridge Insurance Company front-end system, ROS (Redbridge Operations System), is a HIPAA compliant wed-based portal providing a comprehensive real-time access point to our internal case management notes, claims, claim payments, and customer service interactions.


Redbridge Insurance Company offers custom travel assistance plans for every type of trip, such as leisure, business, and student travel.